(Quran) ALLAH is Rahman N Raheem

Can Men and Jinn answer to these Question?

Surah Rahman has been given the title ‘Arūs al-Qur’ān (عَروسُ القُرآن), meaning the Bride of the Quran

Important points

  • Why did ALLAH ask one question 31 times? Because Allah is very gracious and merciful.
  • The lords still speak to people like abu lahab abu jahal .
  • ARAB people cry when they recite it.
  • Allah is asking both jinn and Mankind.
  • Why is ALLAH still thinking about us?
  • ALLAH created the heavens as well  Adam and Eve( peace be upon them) used to live in Jannah, our first place is Jnnah.
  • Stay away from big sins fornication, boozing, and usury.

Why this Surah is revealed on Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for men and jinn. I will try my level best by research. I love this Ayat and put myself on a scale and start crying why ALLAH is asking me such a question He is the lord. 

The Surah for both jinn and men.  

 Jinn was before in this world ALLAH had given everything to them but they spread mischief on earth. Never thankful for God’s bounties that’s why they were removed. They still live among us (Surah Naas last chapter ) Sura Naas is revealed on Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) 21 revealed and chapter 114. It was revealed because someone from mankind or jinn tried to do black magic on Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). So Lord (ALLAH) observe both jinn and mankind then revealed this 97th Surah Rahman in Quran.

 Note:  jinn smokeless fire similar to angels, the jinn are beings invisible to the naked human eye. In the Quran, it is stated that humans are created from the earth and jinn from smokeless fire. (Google)

Allah has decided to create Men from the crust of the earth.

Now, why ALLAH after millions of years asked questions, which both men and Jinn can’t answer? ALLAH planned for us Jannah paradise and heaven hell for both jinn and men. Some pious people make friends with jinns. there are good pious among us. Shaitan uses both to fulfill his challenge that he will fill hell with both. Read with translation Surah Naas for jinn existence.

ALLAH sent the best-trained men as messengers with ALLAHs words manual books Zubur, Torah, Bible, and Quran but the men made a mockery like kafir like Namrood tried everything to destroy Prophet Ibraheem (the friend of ALLAH ).

Prophet Mossa’s peace be upon him he was given a tough time by qaroon, firron, and at last his followers Jewish asking for everything they want. He has spoken to ALLAH on mount Torr and always asks for forgiveness for his followers. ALLAH kept on sending apostles to teach them the right path. We all know God, the lord of the universe can shatter us within a blink. Sending warnings by floods and earthquakes.

Prophet Jesus peace be upon him one of the mightiest messengers, but among Jewish, there were some good or wicked, one person Judas Iscariot was appointed to identify Jesus Peace be upon him. That wicked person was crucified by the Jews.

ALLAH decided to give chance to Hazrat Ismail (Peace Be Upon Him) the son of Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him). The prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was born in Bani Ismail and, has given Quran as a miracle.

In Quran Speak to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. But now if we see we all three are astray from the path. No one is satisfied with money. Why? because we forget to say Thanks to ALLAH FOR all ALLAH bestowed on us.

Sura Rahman is the Surah that beautifies the Quran that’s why it is called the bride of the Quran.

Note: Shaitan: What is Shaitan made of?

The enemy of both jinn and men.

Although invisible to humans, they are imagined to be ugly and grotesque creatures created from hellfire. This shaitan uses some innocent jinns to work against both. Simultaneously For men. Jinn also pray ALLAH and shaitan iblis job to astray practicing jinn and men from the right path.

Why does every Surah start with these words “In the name of ALLAH MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL” and be asked to recite them before the start of any task.

Meaning of Rahman and Raheem

QURAN Solution for Humanity

The names “Rahman” and “Raheem” are two of the most beautiful and meaningful names of Allah, the Almighty. These names reflect Allah’s infinite mercy and compassion towards all of His creation.

The name “Rahman” comes from the Arabic root word “rahma,” which means “mercy”. It is derived from the word “rahman,” which means the most merciful. Allah’s mercy is so vast and all-encompassing that it extends to all living creatures, regardless of their religion or faith. This name reminds us that Allah’s mercy is not only for Muslims, but for all of humanity.

The two names “Rahman” and “Raheem” often appear together in the Quran, as in the opening verse of every chapter except one. This repetition emphasizes the importance of these two names and their significance in understanding the nature of Allah.

Allah’s mercy and compassion are evident in every aspect of His creation. He has provided us with food, water, air, and countless other blessings that we often take for granted. He has also given us guidance and revealed His message to us through the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

When we reflect on these two names of Allah, we are reminded of the need to be merciful and compassionate towards others. We should strive to be kind and gentle with those around us, and to help those who are in need. We should also seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for our own shortcomings and mistakes.

The names “Rahman” and “Raheem” are two of the most beautiful and significant names of Allah. They remind us of Allah’s infinite mercy and compassion towards all of His creation, and encourage us to be merciful and compassionate towards others. May Allah guide us all to His path and shower His mercy upon us.

Surah Rahman is the 55th chapter of the Quran, consisting of 78 verses. It is one of the most renowned and frequently recited chapters of the Quran. The chapter begins with the phrase “Ar-Rahman,” which means “The Most Merciful,” and this phrase is repeated throughout the chapter.

The chapter describes the blessings and bounties bestowed upon humanity by Allah, the Most Merciful. It emphasizes the importance of gratitude, obedience, and the remembrance of Allah. The chapter also highlights the signs of Allah’s power and majesty, such as the creation of the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, and the seas and the mountains.

The Surah Rahman is often recited for its many benefits, including the seeking of Allah’s forgiveness and mercy, protection from evil, and the attainment of blessings and rewards in this life and the hereafter. It is also believed to have healing properties, both physically and spiritually.

Our lord never tried to be afraid us. ALLAH adores us more than parents. Allah is the only one to be loved by his creation. Universe, Jannah is created for us there are a few things we have to do to enter into paradise.


1-4 The most merciful (GOD) has taught this Quran. He is who created man and taught him speech.

Point 1 Rahman merciful means to forgive us from all our sins except Shirk (associate partner with him or praise someone more than ALLAH) Prophets Peace Be Upon Them) were the messenger they never asked anyone to praise them. Christians associate Jesus with GOD.  In the bible word of god Jesus may ALLAH be pleased with him and never claim to be the Son of God.

Point 2 Taught Quran taught us Quran through his messenger Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Book for all Humanity

Point 3 Created man ALLAH is the creator us the climax of its creation that’s why Satan denies to bow down in front of Adam.

ALLAH created man and has the power to do whatever ALLAH LIKE OR stop what ALLAH god dislikes. But give us the right to do whatever we like.

5-9 The sun and the moon adhere to be schedule and the stars and trees all bow down in worship. He raised the heavens high and set the balance therefore do not upset the balance: weigh with equity and do not give short weight.

10-13 He has set the earth for all creatures with all kinds of tasty fruits in abundance and palm trees with sheathed fruits and a variety of corn with husk as well as grain. So O jinn and men which Lord’s blessing will you deny?

14-16 He created man from dry rotten clay like the potters and the jinn from the flame fire. So O jinn and men, which wonders of your Lord’s power will you deny?

Taught speech

Speech therapy is the highest thing in humans. first, he listens to the second reply what he listens.

17-18  Both the East and the West. He is the lord all. so o jinn and men which. which of your lord’s powers will you deny. ?

19-23 He let loose the two seas so that they may meet together. yet there stands between them a barrier which they do not transgress. so o man a jin or man which manifestation of your lord’s power will you deny? From these seas come out pearls and corals. so o jinn and men which excellence of your Lord’s power will you deny?

24-25 And His are the ships raised up high like the mountain in the sea. so O jinn and men which of your Lord bounties will you deny?

26-30 All that exists on the earth shall perish. only your Lord possessed of majesty and honor shall endure forever. so jinn and men which of the excellences will you deny? Whosoever is there in the earth and the heavens implore Him for its needs. every moment He is in a new State of glory. So O jinn and men which of Lord’s Glories will you deny?

31-36 O you burdens of the earth, We shall soon be getting free to call you to account. O company of jinn and men If YOU have the power to escape cross the bounds of the earth and heavens then escape! You shall not escape for it requires great power. so O jinn and men which of your lord power will you deny? if you try to escape a flame of fire and smoke shall be let loose upon you which you will not be able to withstand. O jinn and men which of lord powers will you deny?

37-38 Then how will it be when heaven will burst and redden like red leather? O jinn and men which of your lord power will you then deny.? 37 38

39-45 On that day no man and no jinn will need to be asked concerning his sin. Then (it will be seen )which of your Lord favor you deny.

The culprit there shall be recognized by their faces and they shall be seized by their forelocks and by their feet and dragged. ( then ) which of your lord’s power will you deny? (At that time it will be said 🙂 “This is the same Hell which the culprits were wont to deny.” They will wander to and fro between the same Hell and the Hot boiling water. then which of your Lord’s power will you deny?

46-59 And for everyone who dreads to stand before his Lord, there are two gardens. O which of your lord’s blessings will you deny? full of lush green branches. O, which of your lord’s mercies will you deny? In both two springs of running water. O, which of your Lord’s blessings will you deny? in both, there will be two kinds of fruit. 12 O Which of your Lord’s blessings will you deny? The dwellers of paradise shall be reclining on carpet lined with thick silk and the branches of your gardens will be hanging down (on them) with fruits O which of your blessing will you deny? Amidst these blessings will be those of bashful looks, whom neither man nor jin n will have touched before them. O which of your Lord’s bounties will you deny? As beautiful as rubies and pearls O which of your Lord’s bounties will you deny?

60-77 Could the rewards of goodness be anything but goodness? then O jinn and men which of your lord’s praiseworthy attributes will you deny? And besides those two there will be two other gardens. O which of your lord’s bounties will you deny?Dark green and well water d. O which of which your lord’s favors will you deny? In the plenty of fruits and dates and pomegranates. O which of your lord’s blessings will you deny? Amidst these blessings chaste and beautiful wives. O which of your Lord”s bounties will you deny ?? Hours kept in their tents  16. O which of your Lord’s blessings will you deny? no man or jinn will have touched them before them. O which of your lord’s blessings will you deny? They will be reclining on the green cushion and fine rich carpets. O which of your lord’s bounties will you deny?

78 Full of blessing is the name of your lord owner of glory and Honour!

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