About Us


Our mission is to fulfill the requirement of film and drama industry with well crafted scripts.


The dedicated, literate and talented name behind Musannif is:

As per media experience , I have seen there is always a gap between writers, directors and producers. In India and Pakistan specially finding good script is a big problem. To solve this problem i have decided to open a platform . Musannif is open platform for all writers.


engr adil siddikey


Film script writing is a T20 Match, and Drama is a Test Match


For many years, we have been listening that Pakistani drama and film industry encounters problems in finding the right stories and creative scripts to work with. At the same time, we have no good script writers at all and those who are, don’t know where to go and whom to contact to present their work.

MUSANNIF is the Pakistan’s only professional script writing platform that is dedicated to fulfil the ultimate requirement of Pakistani drama & film industry. Here, we connect the passionate and creative script writers to the rest of the valuable connections of Pakistani industry. We offer screenwriters and authors the opportunity to share their work with individuals in the industry and receive valuable screenplay reviews to enhance their writing skills and ideas.