QURAN Solution for Humanity

Everyone believes there is a creator of the universe there is someone. There is always a creator behind every creation right!

According to Muslims belief and the people of the book like Christians and Jews belief on the following.

Amantu comprises of the fundamentals of belief that every Muslim must believe, accepted and approved the fact that there is one creator of the universe.

A Muslim is not a Muslim if he doesn’t belief on the following: There are 6 fundamentals of belief in Amantu; they are as follows:

  • To believe in Allah, we all believe, we all pray because our belief there is someone.
  • To believe in His angels, all belief on pious
  • To believe in His books, Torah, Zubur, Enjeel, Quran
  • To believe in His prophets, Moosa, Haroon, Issa, Yahya and Mohammad (peace be upon them).
  • To believe the Day of Judgment (life after death)
  • To believe in destiny (Qadar), that the good and the evil are from Allah.

The oral expression of Amantu is as follows: Arabic

Amantu billahi wa malaikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wal-yawmil-akhiri wa bil-qadari khayrihi wa sharrihi minallahi taala wal-ba’thu ba’dal-mawti haqqun ashhadu an la ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasulu

Over the period of time, all previous books Torah, Zubur, Enjeel have been changed. It is accepted by many non-Muslims that Quran is not changed because it is revealed on the heart of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and now Muslims try to memorize it. In the month of Ramadan, the whole Muslims recite it in congregation prayers called Taraveh.


Let’s understand Quran in simple words. Why I call it ocean because to measure the depth and get the treasure without we have to dive in. I will try to justify it if you follow my words. Before reading about Quran, few things we have to understand.

To my dear former Muslims or non-Muslims brothers, sisters and others, I am trying to write for everyone.

Quran is an Ocean, not everyone can dive in it because it is so deep.  World reknown scholars or researchers of Quran Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Israr Ahmed, Sheikh Ahmed dived into the ocean of Quran.


Divine book or manual guide for whole humanity. Solution for every problem.

“Words of GOD (ALLAH TAALAH), SPEECH of God (ALLAH TAALAH) And It is the collection of ALLAH speeches (Khutbaat)”.

How Quran Spread?

Humanity has received the divine guidance only through two channels:  Firstly, the word of Allah, secondly, the Prophets who were chosen by ALLAH to communicate His (ALLAH) will to human-being. These two things have always been going together and attempt to know the will of Allah by neglecting either of these two has always been misleading. The Hindus neglected their prophets and paid all attention to their books that proved only word puzzles which they ultimately lost. Similarly, the Christian, in total disregarded to the book of ALLAH attached all importance to Christ and thus not only elevate him to divinity but also lost the very essence of Tawheed (monotheism) contained in the Bible (The book revealed on HAZRAT Issah Massey (PEACE BE UPON HIM) born Palestine language Hebrew.

As a matter of fact, the main scripture revealed before the Quran (Arabic language) i.e. the Old Testament and the Gospel came into book form long after the days of the prophets and that too in translation. This was because the followers of Moses and Jesus (May ALLAH be please with them) made no consideration efforts to preserve these revelation during the life of their Prophets rather they were written long after their death. Thus, what we now have in the form of the Bible (the Old Testament) is the translation of individual accounts of the original revelations which contain addition and deletion made by the followers of the said prophets.

On the contrary the revealed book the Quran extant in its original form. You might thinking why Quran is still the same? ALLAH HIMSELF guaranteed its preservation and that’s why the whole Quran was written during the time of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), himself though on separate pieces of palm leaves, parchments, bones etc. Moreover, there were tens of thousands of the companions of the Prophet who memorized the whole Quran and the prophet (peace be upon him) himself used to recite it to the angel Gabriel once a year and twice when he was about to die.

The volume was with Abu Bakr first caliph till his death then it was with the second caliph after him it came to HAFSA peace be upon her prophets wife peace be upon him. It was original copy that the caliph Usman (may ALLAH please with him) prepared several other copies and sent them to different Muslim territories.

The QURAN were so meticulously preserved because it was to be the book of guidance, book for humanity for all time to come. That is why it is does not address the Arabs alone in whose language (Arabic) it was revealed. It speaks to man as a human being:

“O man! What has seduced you from your Lord. The practicability of the Quranic teaching is established by the example of Mohammed (peace be upon him) and the good Muslim throughout the ages. The distinct approach of the Quran is that its instructions are aimed at the general welfare of the man and are based on the possibilities within his reach in all the dimensions the Quranic wisdom conclusive. It neither condemns nor tortures the flesh nor does it neglect the place where it belongs in the total scheme of creation.”

Actually the scholars who allege that MOHAMMAD peace be upon him was the author of Quran the scholars something which is humanly impossible.  Could any person of the sixth century CE utter such scientific truth as the Quran contains? Could he describe the evolution of the embryo inside the uterus as accurately as we find it in modern science?

Secondly is it logical to believe that MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him) who up to the age of forty was marked only for his honesty and integrity began all of a sudden the authorship of a book matchless in literary merit and the equivalent of which the whole legion of the Arab poets and orators of the highest caliber could not produce? And lastly, is it justified to say that Mohammad (peace be upon him) who was known as AL AMEEN (the trust worthy) in his society and who is still admired by the non-Muslim scholars for his honesty and integrity came forth with a false claim and on that falsehood could train thousands of men of character integrity and honesty, who were able to establish the best human society on the surface.

Surely, any sincere and unbiased searcher of truth will come to believe that the Quran is the book of ALLAH.


Just read Quran once because it has solution for all humanity. Quran itself is the miracle. For the guidance of humanity ALLAH sent prophets.


Note: (Sura are Chapter and Ayats are Verses in other)

  • Sura 44 Dukhan Ayat 1
  • Sura 56 Waqiya Ayat 75 – 82
  • Sura 85 Burj Ayat 21 – 22
  • Sura Shura Ayat 51
  • Anzalna Lailatul Qadar
  • Sura Dukhan Start About Quran

Total Sura 114 and Ayats 6626

Manzil 7 — 3 5 7 9 11 13 65

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